Re-Cap of Easter Sunday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! It was beautiful in Cincinnati yesterday. We lucked out with warm weather and sunny skies. Thanks Mother Nature!

We had a jammed packed day yesterday. We went to mass at Crossroads at 11am with Evan’s family and then went out to brunch at Seasons 52. I love Seasons 52. Everything on the menu is healthy and fresh. I ordered the Maui Tuna Crunch salad. It was delicious and only had 360 calories. Score! Evan ordered the Eggs Benedict with lobster meat. His meal was delicious too and only had 470 calories. Garrett ordered the French Toast. I didn’t try his but he kept saying how incredible it was and devoured it in about 5 minutes.  I assumed he enjoyed it. 😊 We snapped an Easter photo before we left.


After brunch, we headed home to find the Easter baskets we hid for one another. I ended up finding mine inside a suitcase in our closet. I was the first one to find a basket! I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend with good taste. Evan got me earrings, a shirt, a framed picture collage and lots of yummy candy. He is so thoughtful!


After we all found our Easter baskets, I made an imitation Dewey’s house salad to bring to my aunts. I’m always in charge of bringing a salad. I try to switch it up every holiday.

Going to the Kaine’s side of the family (my mom’s side) is always a little hectic but a lot of fun. A little hectic meaning a lot of people. My mom is 1 of 10 so I’m sure you can imagine what it would be like. There’s a lot of kiddos so my uncle always hides a bunch of eggs every year. Three eggs are “golden eggs” with $20 bucks in each. My niece, Bella, could barely stop to get her picture taken. She was too excited to find the eggs.


It’s always nice seeing family. The older I get, the harder it is to see extended family on a regular basis.  I especially enjoyed seeing my sweet grandma, Dink. She’s a gem.


Dinner was delicious! Everything from ham to mac and cheese to salad to mashed potatoes… We had a lot of food. After all that food, I was ready to go to sleep. We said our goodbyes and headed home. It was a long fun-filled day with family!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Quote of the day:

“Whatever you do, make sure it makes you happy!”



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A girl in her thirties who's enjoying every minute of life! Travel, food and fashion are a few of my favorite things! I also cannot get enough of the outdoors and music! I hope you enjoy reading about the things I love most!

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