Birthday Festivities

It was my birthday yesterday… 2.11. It was a great day! I woke up to my boyfriend making me an egg and avocado sandwich (my fave) and went to bed with new memories and a lot to be grateful for.

My co-friends are so thoughtful! They got me a birthday cake to celebrate my special day. A co-worker of mine, Alecia, also picked up my lunch tab at Bru Burger Bar which is delicious by the way! If you have one nearby, I recommend checking it out. I ordered a Ground Turkey burger with carrot-ginger slaw, peach cambote and curry mayo and if course, onion rings. The burger and onion rings were out of this world. I do apologize for not snapping a photo of my delicious lunch meal. Next time I go for lunch, I will make sure to snap a photo to share!

After work, my boyfriend and I grabbed a quick bite before the terrarium class we signed up for, which started at 7pm. We learned that last nights class was the first terrarium class offered in the Cincinnati area. It turned out to be a lot of fun. It was at a bar in Mt.Adams, however, classes are offered all over the city. There were about 20 people in the class and everyone seemed to be having a blast. The class ended up being about 2 hours long and the instructor was very bubbly and outgoing. Since the class was at a bar,  we were able to drink while we made the terrariums; pretty cool,huh? 😎 The instructor also had a backdrop with some fun accessories to take some photos.


The atmosphere was a lot of fun and the terrariums turned out great!


I would recommend this experience  to anyone who enjoys plants! I will definitely be going back. If you are interested, checkout the website: Plant Nite website.

After we got home,  I opened a few gifts from Evan. He made this incredible necklace holder that I am absolutely in love with.

I couldn’t believe he made this all by himself. I had know idea he was such a handy man. Best present I have ever received! Bring it on 31. I am ready for ya!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Motto of the day:

“Go to the people and places that spark your soul.”


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A. Tuttle

A girl in her thirties who's enjoying every minute of life! Travel, food and fashion are a few of my favorite things! I also cannot get enough of the outdoors and music! I hope you enjoy reading about the things I love most!

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