Tiger Tuesday

Today was a pretty blah day so I’m going to share an exciting time my boyfriend and I had on January 2nd of this year. This experience was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend. We went to this place called Wildlife in Need. It’s located in Charlestown, In. What is this place you ask? Wildlife in Need, Inc. is a nonprofit organization in Charlestown, Indiana dedicated to the rehabilitation & release of indigenous wildlife & provision of permanent safe harbor to an array of exotic & endangered species. Run by Tim & Melisa Stark, and a handful of dedicated and hard working volunteers, WIN is supported 100% through public support, donations received through tours, fundraisers, public events, and presentations.

So what does all that information exactly mean? Well, we got to play with baby tigers, baby monkeys, a baby otter and a few baby Bulldogs. I was most excited about the baby tigers. They were so adorable! They were 14 weeks old and they were a decent size already. The volunteers explained that after the 15 week mark, the public can no longer play with the baby tigers due to safety reasons. I wanted to take one home with me!

Apparently this place has received a lot of bad press recently; however, once you visit this place you can tell how passionate Tom Stark is about his animals. He is a kind man who is trying to help these endangered species. I wouldn’t believe anything the media has negatively portrayed about this refuge. Look at a tiger the size of Simba giving kisses to Tom Stark. Too cute! 😊


All in all, I would highly recommend visiting Wildlife in Need. I cannot wait to go back. If the refuge was closer, I would volunteer on the weekends. Last but not least… Price. It was $30 per person for tiger playtime. Playtime ended up being a little under an hour. A volunteer went over some informational stuff for the first 15 minutes or so but 45 min was dedicated to baby tiger time! At the end, you had the option to take a picture with the baby tiger for a $20 donation.


All donations go to the animals and their homes. Tom Stark is currently doing a lot of renovations/additions to the outdoor area of the refuge. He’s hoping to reopen the outdoor area to the public in the spring. A perfect reason to go back!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday!

Motto of the day:

“We have more to learn from animals than animals have to learn from us.”



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