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Since it’s currently freezing in Cincinnati, my boyfriend and I have began looking at vacation options. Last September, we took a trip out west. We went to The Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion. The picture above was taken at Bryce. It was incredible.

The Grand Canyon was our first stop. We stayed at The Holiday Inn right outside the park. It was 5 min from the entrance and since we had our own rental car, we didn’t have to wait for a shuttle for transportation. We explored the first day and was in bed early to make sure we woke up for the sunrise the next morning. The sunrise experience was incredible.


Later in the day we decided to checkout the The Bright Angel trail. This trail goes down into the canyon and a camp spot is at the bottom. We did about 6 miles round trip. The way down was a lot easier than the way back. Holy workout! This is what we hiked into…

image.jpegIt was an experience of a lifetime and a great way to end our time at The Grand Canyon.


Our next destination… Bryce Canyon. I was blown away by the beauty at Bryce. We drove into Bryce around 9pm so we didn’t have a chance to explore until the next morning. We stayed at Ruby’s Inn; one of the few hotels outside of the park. Location is key 😉. The next morning, we decided to explore the canyon by horseback since our legs were sore from our Grand Canyon hike the day before. We explored a little before our horseback excursion. This was one of my favorite spots. It’s called The Natural Bridge. So incredible!


Next up, horseback riding! We were SO glad we decided to pay $80 per person for this excursion. It was about 4 hours long and we went with another couple who was oddly enough from Dayton, Oh.


The lady in the middle was our guide for the day and she was awesome. She taught us so much history about the land we were going through; everything from the hoodoos to Butch Cassidy! So interesting. We had such a memorable time.


After our horseback excursion, we grabbed something to eat and rushed into Bryce Canyon National Park. We explored the different areas of the park but were bummed because we couldn’t find the one spot we saw from all the pictures we saw on the Internet. We almost gave up but at the last second, we drove by Sunset Point. We had a little time before sunset so we explored a little.  We hiked into Bryce Amphitheater and were amazed!

After exploring, we realized the sun was setting so we rushed back to the top of the canyon. I couldn’t’ believe my eyes. I was blown away by the beauty of the colors of the sky and the canyon. I kept on telling Evan (my boyfriend), “I feel like we are in some kind of fairytale.” Everything looked so surreal.  Let me show you what I’m talking about…


Isn’t that incredible? I didn’t want to leave because I couldn’t stop staring and taking pictures. I recommend checking a sunset at Bryce Amphitheater to anyone who gets the chance to. I will never forget that moment. I couldn’t of imagined a better way to end our trip at Bryce.

Next stop… Zion National Park. A best friend of mine lives in Park City, Utah, so her and her boyfriend came and met us at Zion. They had been there before so they had a spot in mind where we would “set up camp”. I was so excited to see my BFF, Amber and her boyfriend, Greg.

They already had a camping stop in mind but warned us that our little Nissan rental probably wouldn’t make it up the hill. We tried anyway and got about a fourth way up the hill and then… our car got stuck on a boulder. The dirt road had huge boulders everywhere on the path. I couldn’t believe it. We ended up getting the car off the boulder and drove back down so Amber couldn’t pick us up in her Subaru. Once we finally got to our camping spot, we realized why Amber and Greg wanted to come to this spot. The treacherous ride was definitely worth it. Our campsite was a cliff overlooking this…



How insane is that view? Once again, I couldn’t believe my eyes! The scenery out west is in incredible! After exploring a bit and “setting up camp”, we decided to take it easy because we wanted to watch the sunset. We were incredibly lucky because we just so happened to be camping out at Zion during a BLOOD MOON.  We tried taking pictures of the BLOOD MOON but the camera didn’t pick up on the orange color of the moon 😔. Let me just tell  you, the moon was huge and was an orange/red color. It was insane.


The next day we had plans to hike The Narrows and Angels Landing. Looking back, we probably should have done Angels Landing first and The Narrows second but whatevs. The Narrows was awesome; cold but awesome. I think we started The Narrows around 8am and considering we had to walk through a foot or more of water at certain points, we were pretty pretty cold. However, the excitement and adrenaline kept us going. The Narrows was awesome. The canyons were huge and I couldn’t believe how long the hike was. We didn’t go to the end because we didn’t want to hike through neck high waters but we experienced some pretty cool stuff.

After The Narrows, we headed to Angels Landing. Evan and I had no idea what we were getting into. Apparently this hike is known for its steep climb and views. I unfortunately do not have too many pictures because I was too busy trying to stay alive.  No joke, this was one hell of a hike and I’m in pretty decent shape. We were holding onto chains on the side of a cliff at one point. I felt very accomplished after climbing this massive canyon.

After that that hike, we all were exhausted! We grabbed some pizza and headed back to our camp spot for the evening. We watched the sunset then relaxed for the rest of the evening. The next day we  headed back to Vegas before heading back home. We stayed one night in Vegas but wished we could have skipped Vegas all together. After that amazing time we spent out in nature, the big city sounded horrible but we made the best of it by endulging in margaritas and Mexican! All in all, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Now we begin planning our trip to Yosemite. We both cannot wait to get back out west to explore some more.

Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂


Motto of the day:

“Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer.”



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