Ohhhh Friday

My very first blog post! WahooOoooo … and ……It’s Friday.

I decided to start a blog so I can begin documenting my tastey meal recipes, traveling excursions, current fashion trends and occasional workout sessions. I enjoy each one of those things SO much that I decided to share my experiences with the world. So, you’re welcome 🙂



Currently, it’s freezing cold in Cincinnati and there is a winter weather advisory. This past Monday, the weathermen predicted 10+ inches of snow in Friday. As I sit here blogging, I’m currently looking out the window watching now snow fall. Now the weathermen are predicting 1 to 2 inches of snow. Nothing like what Washington D.C. is experiencing. However, like every other person who lives in an area with snow fall, any prediction of snow fall causes the public to sprint to the grocery store. So, what did I do? I went to the grocery and decided to make a yummy Thanksgiving meal to warm myself up on this freezing winter evening.

On the dinner menu this evening is:

-a turkey thigh in the crockpot with poultry seasoning and turkey gravy


-sweet potatoes

-green beans

I stopped at Findlay Market on my way home from work to pick up a turkey thigh and some poultry seasoning. I already had all my other items. Since its the freaking weekend, I also picked up a small cheesecake from Taste of Belgium. Whoops 😜

The turkey thigh is currently marinating in the crockpot.


Just a couple more hours until this bird gets devoured. The sides are pretty simple to make. I’m putting the sweet potatoes in the oven for about 45min at 400 degrees. The green beans will be steamed for about 10 minutes and the stuffing, well, it’s Kraft Stove Top because Friday, I’m allowed to be lazy. The gravy is a packet! And there you go! A hearty home cooked meal in a cold winter night!

I have zero plans this weekend and I cannot wait to do absolutely nothing. Winter is hibernation mode for me and I’m completely okay with that.I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. I know I will.

Motto for the day:

“A good mood denies any bad weather”



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A. Tuttle

A girl in her thirties who's enjoying every minute of life! Travel, food and fashion are a few of my favorite things! I also cannot get enough of the outdoors and music! I hope you enjoy reading about the things I love most!

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